January 9, 2019

LCD TV Repair & Service Center in Jaipur

LCD TV Repair & Service Center in Jaipur
LCD TVs have quickly gained momentum on the flat panel HDTV market. With their decreasing price points and their increasing performance improvements especially on the low power consumption and lightweight design they have become one of the best-selling TV, s in the market today. All the LCD TVs that are in the market and our homes today have a high-quality picture and user-friendly display that generally replaces the need to buy expensive LED TVs.

While the LCD TVs are a fantastic solution, the technology isn’t as always perfect as we could wish. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an LCD TV.

Pros & Cons of LCD TV’s


  1. Good picture quality
  2. Environmentally friendly
  • Lower power consumption.
  1. Longer display life
  2. Cooler running temperature.
  3. Typically lighter weight when comparing same screen sizes.


  1. Lower contrast ratio.
  2. LCD TVs do not suffer from burn-in, but individual pixels can burn out, causing small, visible, black or white dots to appear on the screen.
  • Narrower side-to-side viewing angle.

Common Problems Associated with LCD TV’s

  • Ghosting
  • TV not turning on
  • Source / Inputs not working
  • TV turning itself off (sometimes on and off itself)
  • Stuck in Standby mode, Clicking sound
  • No Picture or problematic picture
  • Lines on the screen
  • No Sound or problematic sound
  • No or poor signal
  • Remote not responding
  • Speakers jarring


Having sighted some of the most common problems associated with LCD TVs if you are one of those customers suffering from any of the issues or you suspect your LCD TV has a problem, call us, and we shall be at your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

Sharma Electronics is one of the leading TV repair companies in Jaipur and has served hundreds of clients within Jaipur, we can guarantee you total satisfaction with our work and the cheapest TV repair rates in Jaipur today, without compromising the quality of our work. Our experienced team of technicians has extensive knowledge about LCD TVs, and you can be assured we shall restore it back as good as new.

Some of the LCD TVs that we do repair include


Samsung LCD TV

Panasonic LCD TV

Videocon LCD TV



Philips LCD TV

Toshiba LCD TV



Onida LCD TV


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